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Page last updated: 07/10/2005

Thanks for coming and checking out our site! I am sure you have questions, as you peruse the different sections, the message boards, and most importantly, the contests! Fear not, we are hard at work giving you the answers you need, and taking any new questions you may have to add to the FAQ. Here's what we heard so far -

1. How do I enter the contests?
A. It's simple! We always have a contest winner recently announced on the right at the top, and on the left we have a new contest. To find out what to do to enter, you only need to click on that banner. All the instructions will be laid out for you, but if you ever have any questions at all, please email me at mariamayub@hotmail.com.

2. Can I enter if I am in Bulgaria, Chile, Japan, England?
A. Yep, yep, yep, and Yep! In fact, anywhere! (although we are still having trouble locating Podunk.) The point of these contests is to bring fun into the MadonnaWorld, and heck, it ain't a world if only certain folks are representin', ya know what I mean? So, please always assume you can enter!

3. How old do I have to be to enter?
A. No age limits! Any age can enter these contests! We do not plan to be giving anything away that will need an age restriction, but we may sell such items, which you will have to be 18 or over to buy. This is our way of making these contests fun for everyone!

4. How do you pick the winner?
A. For our simple email entry contests, we use a program that randomly picks the winner. Kinda like that rolling cage with the pieces of paper in them. So, it really is anyone's game! But we promise to have some merit-based contests very soon, where the best essay or answer gets the prize. We know some of you are very deserving fans, and will be able to show it with your Madonnasmarts, so keep coming back and you can prove your love to Madonna!

5. What's up with the forums?
A. I installed the forums to give fans a great place to go to talk about past events, in a more topic-oriented environment. That way, fans of a certain era can enter that board, and get to talk about very specific things that don't get much "airplay" on a bigger message board. We did recently install MadonnaTalk, which is a great place to talk about what's going on here and now. We also have a visitors center, so you can introduce yourself, and a site center, for suggestions, content and ideas for the site. Feel free to give your thoughts and share your past news, memories, photos and more in your fave era. We also have enabled avatars, and expanded poll capabilities, so as you need something, let us know!

6. You have a mailing list too?
A. Very observant! Our left top banner is an invite to join our mailing list, and there are benefits to that too! Mailing list subscribers get newsletters about 1 to 2 days before anyone else does (including other news sites) about what is going to be on the site that week, including the newest contest! This gives you the heads-up and a chance to enter early. This is not a digest that you will get every day, but only a once-a-week deal from yours truly. There may be times where I am working on a bigger project or have a heads-up I may also email you about. This helps keep the community pretty much on the same page about things. =)

7. Where do you find all those pictures?
A. LOL, well, most of them are mine so far, though a few fans have sent me some, and they will be showcased shortly! I have been collecting articles, photos and the like since I was a mere teen in 1983, so you imagine what I have. Some people have come to my apt, and almost died from the pounds and piles of articles, photos, etc. There is still so much to be shared, and I look forward to sharing it all with you! If you find something you feel would make a great addition to photo of the week, the photo gallery, the fans arena, or the interview section, please share at mariamayub@hotmail.com.

8. What about the items for sale?
A. That's a good question, and I am still trying to get to orders that have been sent to me in the last month or so. In that same time, I have had this awesomely awful virus afflict me, and I need to go through the storeroom and get all this great stuff out that has been requested. Never fear! I think I am starting to get better. Once I can, those of you that have emailed me will get a response about your requests for ordering. Remember, I usually round down on shipping to give you a nice, even price, and I include bonuses with every order. And everyone can order, regardless of your location. Thanks!

9. Can I be in the Fans Arena?
A. Are you a fan??? Of course, you can! Let us know what type of article, interview, project, or whatnot you would like to share, and we will make it a reality! Down the road, we will have a special section just for the fans arena, so you peruse older articles, photos, interviews and more. And don't forget, if you are a Madonna fan, to check out the one site that focuses all on the fans! The Everybody Fan Club - at http://www.everybodyfanclub.com.

10. What's up in the future for this site?
A. That's something I am developing right now. We are in talks with fans, perusing possible projects (Project Scrapbook is our newest venture), hoping to have even more community, bigger contests, and involvement on projects from some people in Madonna's very own past! But remember, this is a fun site, and we want to bring you a positive beat on the music and the woman behind the music. So, let's keep up the positive vibe and keep this a fun retreat during your afternoon break, in between classes, late at night, or anytime you just want to relive a memory! Thank you all!

Mariam Ayub

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