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Page last updated: 12/02/2005

We are starting something called "Operation Scrapbook" and in the next few weeks, we will be starting to create a great center for all your wonderful scrapbook images through time. For now, let's quench your thirst with a few images from my own first scrapbook. Enjoy!

We introduce two great magazine covers from Ziv in Israel. Enjoy these and keep submitting your great scrapbook pages!

page_10.jpg (488494 bytes)

page_11.jpg (479723 bytes)

page_12.jpg (422005 bytes)

This great pic is from Ziv in Israel!

Another great pic from Ziv!

plaatjes.jpg (88574 bytes)
Marc's great Madonna page from the 80's!

page_6.jpg (622497 bytes)

page_9.jpg (568756 bytes)

page_8.jpg (496768 bytes)

page_7.jpg (608860 bytes)

page_1.jpg (418173 bytes)

page_2.jpg (428620 bytes)

page_3.jpg (428093 bytes)

page_4.jpg (495571 bytes)

page_5.jpg (437352 bytes)

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